Features and methods of carrying out Thai massage

Боди массаж в КиевеErotic massage in Kiev is the oldest massage technique rooted in the cultural heritage of India and ancient China. For many centuries this art has been practiced on the territory of Thailand and has long gone beyond its borders, becoming the property of most world states.

He acquired the current form in which Thai massage is practiced through long-term practice, as well as observing the nature of the human body, working with the body not only on the physical, pointwise, but also on the spiritual level. As a result, today it is a holistic system of health-improving therapy, which, among other such systems, occupies a special niche.

The founder of the Thai massage practice is considered to be the outstanding Indian healer Jivaka, who lived and worked at the royal court about 2 thousand years ago. Since that time, this method has been used in combination therapy with other methods of traditional Thai medicine.

Until the late 1200s AD, the technique spread throughout the west and settled in Thai lands, just at the time when the Thai literacy was born. In writing, the teachings began to be recorded only with the beginning of the reign of the kings of the Rama dynasty.

Over the entire subsequent period, many different techniques and varieties of this manual practice have been formed. Up to the present time, each of these techniques has developed in its own way, but clearly adhered to the main conceptual focus of the original source.

Types of Thai massage

Currently, if I may say so, there are officially 3 main types of Thai erotic massage, each of which we will discuss in more detail below.

The general technique is a key direction of massage practice in Thailand, which is used as the basis for training massage masters around the world. As part of this practice, a closer interaction with the patient is practiced. Body manipulations are performed mainly with the fingers, elbows, feet and wrists,

Royal technique – performed to the patient by moving the masseur on his knees along the patient’s body. In this case, the person being massaged does not lie on his stomach, and the master always uses his thumbs. An erotic massage session begins with massaging the knees with a gradual rise upward.

Massaging the female breast. This erotic type of Thai massage is mainly practiced in specific massage parlors by girls who know the technique of Thai body massage. The procedure itself is aimed at erotic satisfaction and relaxation of the patient. The main task of the masseuse is to give the patient maximum pleasure.

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