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Erotic massage – pleasure for two | Sex | He and she

Sometimes in family relationships there comes a period when everything goes smoothly, smoothly, quietly and calmly. On the one hand, this is good. Says that you have a complete understanding. And on the other hand, I want something bright and emotional, so that it hurts in my chest.

Erotic massage Kiev  is one of the best ways to prove your sincere, reverent feelings to your loved one. Plus, it will set you both in a romantic mood. Sensual, gentle touching will delight both of you. The massage is best done at home, in a quiet, calm environment. Dim bright lights. Arrange scented candles. Stock up on aromatic essential oils of musk, jasmine or vanilla. Play slow, soothing music.

The technique of erotic massage is calm, mainly such techniques as stroking, pressing, acupressure, light rubbing are used. As an experiment, you can try light nibbles, gentle kisses, tongue licking, or even a warm breath. But all erotic massage should not consist only of such techniques. This will no longer be a massage session, but a prelude to sexual intercourse. Although most often, erotic massage ends with this.

If you have long hair, you can start by running the tips of your hair down the neck and back of your chosen one. Try not to make sudden movements. Watch your partner’s reactions. If any movement makes him uncomfortable, do not continue to do it further. Erotic massage is most effective in especially sensitive areas. These areas are lips, earlobes, neck, wrists – light stroking in these places will bring great pleasure and pleasure to your beloved.
The lower back, chest, buttocks, inner thighs – also belong to the erogenous zones. Slow stroking with your fingertips or circular motions is good for relaxing and relieving tension. Run your fingertips along the inside of the elbow or the back of the kneecap. Surely, it will make your significant other smile.

If you whisper something tender or erotic in the ear of your soul mate, by all means, as if by chance, touch your ear with your lips. You can pick up some flattering phrase about his physical merits or recall some intimate moment of your life together.

Erotic massage can become a new hobby that perfectly adjusts to a sexual mood. As a rule, at the end of the session, both partners are at the peak of arousal, as a result of which there is a stormy, bright and unforgettable sex.

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