Indian massage

Indian massage

This kind of massage is based on the ancient teachings of yogis. The most important idea of ​​the Indian massage technique is the ability to increase the sexual energy of a person. With its help, sexual potency is not only increased, but sensitivity is aggravated, due to the effect on the erogenous zones.

The beginning of the Indian massage occurs from the head, having a beneficial effect on the metabolic processes in the brain and memory. Massage is performed with the help of light vibrations and strokes. Then follows an erotic massage, which includes a deep study of all the muscles, special attention is paid to the back and spine. For Indian massage special balls of different composition and diameter are used (wooden, crystal, with ringing, “cat’s eye”). Then comes the time of the erotic part of the massage. Techniques of Indian massage affect the erogenous zones, a charming handyman massages your body with your chest, back, buttocks. In addition, a massage of bioactive points in the buttocks and sacrum is performed, which, in turn, promotes the most complete achievement of the apogee of bliss.

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Foot massage

Foot fetish

The program “Foot Massage” is oriented towards those who appreciate diversity and are looking for innovations. This kind of massage includes the basics of classical massage combined with new elements of the erotic part.
Wise women know that even the most brutal machos have their own little secrets and weaknesses. Female legs are seductive and beautiful – that’s one of the weaknesses of real men. To touch, iron and kiss them is the dream of true connoisseurs of sensual pleasures. Those who wanted to try new elements in erotic experiences are advised to take a closer look at the unusual combination of foot fetish and massage with the feet. This symbiosis contributes to the complete elimination of destructive energy, which clogs the body and the perfect relaxation of each cell of the body. It all starts with anticipation, which is born immediately when visiting a darkened room, saturated with the oriental aromas that swirl around the head and filled with iridescent flickering of candles. Opposite you there is a vision of a beautiful naked girl, favorably allowing first to admire, and then to touch her incomparable, bewitching legs. The process fascinates so much that all vanity and petty volatilizes and you dissolve in the abyss of voluptuous whims and tremulous passions. What, an erotic massage for a true gourmet, can be compared with the possibility of reverently admiring luxurious hips, watching the eyes of the fingers playing, inhaling the fragrance, touching and kissing the tender knees, and finally feel the healing touches of the divine feet.

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Thai massage

Тайский массаж Киев

Thai erotic massage Kiev is an art that was originally inspired by the ancient Indian philosophy and medical system of Ayurveda. The history of its development is quite interesting and in order to comprehend the truth it is necessary to touch the origins of Buddhism, the philosophy of which must become a deep knowledge of man. Thai erotic massage is one of the components of a comprehensive approach to treatment based on Ayurvedic medicine, Buddhist practices and the yoga system. It is an art that has developed over the centuries in the Buddhist monasteries of Thailand.
Thai erotic massage in Kiev, its main purpose is recovery, restoration of the harmonious state of the body, through deep relaxation and increasing the flow of vitality. Its technique differs significantly from other techniques, while Thai massage is performed according to the technique on the floor, on a spread mattress without using any oils. During this skillful ritual, a certain complex of manipulations is performed, which include the main techniques of Thai erotic massage: twisting the body and stretching, as well as point pressure. This is a procedure performed from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head, using the feet and knees, elbows and forearms, and fingers, by a masseur who produces Thai massage, while with careful use of body weight.
Thai erotic massage Kiev, they resort to its help to relieve emotional stress and to gain physical and psychological relaxation, while a session of such a massage can be performed in the same way as an erotic massage Kiev using aromatic oils. Thai massage will be useful for enhancing human immunity and activating its internal reserves, being an excellent tonic along with the use of aroma therapy. It is recommended for insomnia, apathy, depression and anxiety. Thai massage in Kiev helps to cope with back pain and excess weight – problems with which the clients of our salon often resort to the services of massage therapists.
Foot massage, which can also be performed using aroma oils, is one of the most amazing techniques of Thai massage, one of the incredible pleasures obtained from traditional manipulations on the legs: thighs, legs and feet. This is the best way to activate metabolic processes, improve blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and relieve leg swelling.
Thai massage in Kiev is the best way to balance the energetic filling of the body, to release it and remove clamps. Having got rid of the accumulated stress, fatigue and negativity, you can continue such a pleasant relaxation procedure using such a service as erotic massage, where aromatic oils and the magical touches of the masseuse’s body will take you on an incredible journey through the world of dreams.


Features and methods of carrying out Thai massage

Боди массаж в КиевеErotic massage in Kiev is the oldest massage technique rooted in the cultural heritage of India and ancient China. For many centuries this art has been practiced on the territory of Thailand and has long gone beyond its borders, becoming the property of most world states.

He acquired the current form in which Thai massage is practiced through long-term practice, as well as observing the nature of the human body, working with the body not only on the physical, pointwise, but also on the spiritual level. As a result, today it is a holistic system of health-improving therapy, which, among other such systems, occupies a special niche.

The founder of the Thai massage practice is considered to be the outstanding Indian healer Jivaka, who lived and worked at the royal court about 2 thousand years ago. Since that time, this method has been used in combination therapy with other methods of traditional Thai medicine.

Until the late 1200s AD, the technique spread throughout the west and settled in Thai lands, just at the time when the Thai literacy was born. In writing, the teachings began to be recorded only with the beginning of the reign of the kings of the Rama dynasty.

Over the entire subsequent period, many different techniques and varieties of this manual practice have been formed. Up to the present time, each of these techniques has developed in its own way, but clearly adhered to the main conceptual focus of the original source.

Types of Thai massage

Currently, if I may say so, there are officially 3 main types of Thai erotic massage, each of which we will discuss in more detail below.

The general technique is a key direction of massage practice in Thailand, which is used as the basis for training massage masters around the world. As part of this practice, a closer interaction with the patient is practiced. Body manipulations are performed mainly with the fingers, elbows, feet and wrists,

Royal technique – performed to the patient by moving the masseur on his knees along the patient’s body. In this case, the person being massaged does not lie on his stomach, and the master always uses his thumbs. An erotic massage session begins with massaging the knees with a gradual rise upward.

Massaging the female breast. This erotic type of Thai massage is mainly practiced in specific massage parlors by girls who know the technique of Thai body massage. The procedure itself is aimed at erotic satisfaction and relaxation of the patient. The main task of the masseuse is to give the patient maximum pleasure.


Thai massage
Even more than two thousand years ago, erotic massage Kiev was invented, capable of replacing all modern medicine: its author is a close friend of Buddha and a personal physician of an Indian king named Javaka Kumar Bhashi. Now this kind of massage is called THAI, because it was mainly developed in Thailand, and not in India, where it originated. This massage is the fruit of Thai culture, which is based on a special philosophy.

Body massage
Body massage, light and sensual, offers you a lot of new sensations. With the help of this kind of erotic massage your muscles really relax, the feelings are exacerbated to the limit. The reason here lies, in part, in the agonizing slowness of the abundance of unusual caresses. The awakening of the most secret facets of the erotic potential of your whole organism leads to orgasm, forcing to distance oneself from worries and worries of the surrounding world.

One of the so-called VIP programs of our Salon offers you a Jacuzzi Session! His first part of the girl performs for you in a fragrant warm jacuzzi, with candles, using oriental incense and a lot of foam.

Erotic session
“Erotik-Session” will appreciate the Men, who are important not only tactile, but also visual sensations. Attractive erotic dance of the charming masteress is smoothly transformed into Body massage.

Double relax
A variety of erotic massage called “Double Relax” will help you feel the charm of a fairy tale. You can relax in full measure, resting and soul and body.

Indian massage
This kind of massage is based on the ancient teachings of yogis. The most important idea of ​​the Indian massage technique is the ability to increase the sexual energy of a person. With its help, sexual potency is not only increased, but sensitivity is aggravated, due to the effect on the erogenous zones.

Program for girls
Our Salon offers you a special offer called “Individual Program for Girls”! Such a program will allow you to fully enjoy the sensuality of an erotic massage, as well as to experience all conceivable and even unpredictable nuances of pleasure.

Foot Massage
The program “Foot Massage” is oriented towards those who appreciate diversity and are looking for innovations. This kind of massage includes the basics of classical massage in combination with the new elements of the erotic part.

Intimate massage
In our hard times, we often become nervous and irritable. Sometimes we can not cope with our own passivity. Home and work takes a lot of our strength and often we do not notice how quickly time passes and we do not have time to rest in full. When we are in a state of stress, we are apathetic to everything. How to overcome the nervous state and learn to live a quiet life? What are the most effective relaxation methods?

Erotic massage – exactly the sweetest
An experienced man always sees a woman literally right through; The inexperienced sees it in dreams. And they both instinctively feel that a woman is attracted. It’s true. Therefore, our gentle charmers allow themselves to see in all their beauty – let the man enjoy triumph, he is worthy, and here he will get it in full!

Relaxation massage
A non-traditional relaxing massage is a RELAXATION MASSAGE intended for women and men experiencing emotional stress, a feeling of constant physical and moral fatigue, physical discomfort, an anxious or depressed state. He helps those who experience dissatisfaction in intimate relationships, decreased sexual desire, and so on.