Balinese massage

Traditional massage – art or technique?

Balinese erotic massage is a centuries-old experience and tradition. You can touch this art while on vacation on a wonderful island called Bali. The technique of this massage has no analogues and includes a large number of different techniques that are used only here.

Bali masseurs begin their massage with light and simply soothing movements that flow smoothly into stronger movements. This alternation makes the muscles in the body more relaxed and helps relieve stress and tension. This erotic massage is recommended for athletes for faster recovery from various injuries and sprains. Massage perfectly helps with headaches, problems with the musculoskeletal system, asthma, bronchitis.

Bali masseurs actively use mixtures of various herbs and aromatic oils in their massage art. Their use distinguishes Balinese erotic massage from other practices. In their activities, they use compositions of sandalwood, spices, peanuts and rice, and, of course, various extracts of flowers and herbs. All clients are approached individually and for each they find their own unique p
ecept. Previously, only the crowned persons of the states of Bali and Indonesia could use this technique. Now Balinese massage is available to everyone, and this does not mean that the restorative power of massage has become much worse over time. The procedure time is different, but not more than two hours. After the massage, a traditional tea ritual is required, the recipe for which is passed by word of mouth among the masters of Balinese massage.

Thai massage is a combination of traditional Thai medicine and ancient art. Historically, massage was performed only by monks. This technique is more rigid and energetic than traditional types of massage and does not have an erotic focus at all, as many tourists think. Thai massage therapists do not use oils in their skills, unlike other traditional practices. Massage is done in loose clothing that does not restrict movement. The session is performed directly on the floor, on a hard mattress. Within 2 hours, the masseur will be the master of the situation and will knead the body until he decides that everything is normal and the client is completely relaxed. Thai erotic massage has been described as invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Practice allows not only to escape from the daily chores, but also to learn the depth of the local culture.

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