Balinese massage

Traditional massage – art or technique?

Balinese erotic massage is a centuries-old experience and tradition. You can touch this art while on vacation on a wonderful island called Bali. The technique of this massage has no analogues and includes a large number of different techniques that are used only here.

Bali masseurs begin their massage with light and simply soothing movements that flow smoothly into stronger movements. This alternation makes the muscles in the body more relaxed and helps relieve stress and tension. This erotic massage is recommended for athletes for faster recovery from various injuries and sprains. Massage perfectly helps with headaches, problems with the musculoskeletal system, asthma, bronchitis.

Bali masseurs actively use mixtures of various herbs and aromatic oils in their massage art. Their use distinguishes Balinese erotic massage from other practices. In their activities, they use compositions of sandalwood, spices, peanuts and rice, and, of course, various extracts of flowers and herbs. All clients are approached individually and for each they find their own unique p
ecept. Previously, only the crowned persons of the states of Bali and Indonesia could use this technique. Now Balinese massage is available to everyone, and this does not mean that the restorative power of massage has become much worse over time. The procedure time is different, but not more than two hours. After the massage, a traditional tea ritual is required, the recipe for which is passed by word of mouth among the masters of Balinese massage.

Thai massage is a combination of traditional Thai medicine and ancient art. Historically, massage was performed only by monks. This technique is more rigid and energetic than traditional types of massage and does not have an erotic focus at all, as many tourists think. Thai massage therapists do not use oils in their skills, unlike other traditional practices. Massage is done in loose clothing that does not restrict movement. The session is performed directly on the floor, on a hard mattress. Within 2 hours, the masseur will be the master of the situation and will knead the body until he decides that everything is normal and the client is completely relaxed. Thai erotic massage has been described as invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Practice allows not only to escape from the daily chores, but also to learn the depth of the local culture.

Thai massage

Thai massage: varieties, features and essence of the technique

Erotic massage in KievAs you know, Thai massage practice is considered one of the most ancient – its history begins during the active development of the ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations many centuries ago. For several centuries, Thai massage has been practiced not only in Thailand, but also far beyond the borders of this country.

In modern practice, Thai erotic massage has acquired many different techniques, techniques and additional features, becoming one of the main directions in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Long-term observations of the nature of the human body have become the result of such transformations.

At the same time, true masters practice it not only on the physical, but also on the spiritual level. A deep point effect is reinforced by a subtle spiritual connection between the master and the patient, which provides a more pronounced and effective result of therapy.

One of the main founders of this wonderful direction in erotic massage is the Indian healer Jivaka, known many centuries ago. He worked as a healer at the royal court and developed this technique especially for members of the then ruling royal dynasty.

Despite the fact that these events are about 2 thousand years old, the relevance of Thai massage, as you can see, did not shake in any way, but only increased and strengthened over the centuries.

Until the end of 1200, this method was already practiced throughout Asia, and, of course, Thailand became the center of its practice. Unfortunately, to our times, many of the details about the formation and development of Thai erotic massage have not reached, since the chronicle began to be kept far from immediately, but with the coming to power of the rulers of the Rama dynasty.

What types of Thai massage are relevant today?

In modern practice, it is customary to distinguish three main types of Thai massage practice. We will talk about them in more detail.

The first technique is classic, authentic and is used as an unshakable foundation for teaching Thai massage masters around the world. As part of such training, specialists master the basics of close interaction with patients, as already mentioned, not only on the physical, but also on the spiritual, psychological level. Here, the method of point impact is mainly used with the help of the thumbs, as well as the wrists, elbows and feet.

Erotic female breast massage (erotic Thai massage) – it is practiced in special salons, mainly in Thailand (although today such services can be found far beyond the borders of this Asian country). The technique is aimed at satisfying the patient’s erotic needs, relieving general sexual tension, moral liberation and deep, pleasant relaxation.

Royal Thai technique – the master carries out such manual procedures by moving on his knees along the patient. The latter should not lie on the stomach. The master uses mostly thumbs to work with the body.

Eromassage properties

The healing properties of erotic massage

Эротический массажErectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain an erection and sexual activity during intimacy. The easiest way to explain failures in bed is stress at work, but impotence is often a consequence of low production of the hormone testosterone. The main male hormone, which is responsible for the male reproductive function.

There are many drugs aimed at restoring male activity. But the momentary effect of the pills is not a substitute for stable self-confidence and in one’s own sexual powers. And you can get rid of this kind of problems by regular activation of blood flow with the help of professional erotic massage.

Erotic massage promotes blood circulation in the pelvic area. This has a beneficial effect on male libido and restores potency in men. By giving your “everything” to the skillful and caring female hands of masseuses, you will forget about the problems of weak erection and premature ejaculation. Regular erotic massage provides good prevention of male diseases, including prostatitis, which suffers from a good half of the male population.

Massage for potency

You can get acquainted with the service in the Podium salon in Moscow. By the way, one of the types of such massage is called “muladhara”. This is an Indian erotic massage technique aimed at restoring and preventing potency. Muladhara is a chakra that is responsible for the sphere of feelings and human sexual energy. For whom the Muldhara massage sounds extremely incomprehensible, it is not recommended to neglect this technique, since the result is obvious (improved potency, strong erection, opening of new erogenous zones).

Erotic massage for potency is carried out by professional girls masseuses. You are a guest, you can choose a craftswoman that will suit your taste. And your naked body will be in the hands of a real lady of massage. She will gently massage, finding new energy points and in every possible way pay attention to the rest of the erogenous zones. All that remains for you is to relax and get pleasure, which is included in the obligatory program of erotic massage. The effectiveness of the massage will not be long in coming. After the session, you will feel how your body is renewed and filled with strength and energy.

To restore male activity, erotic massage has long been invented and tested in practice. But advertising sells drugs that are only temporary. And it’s not the responsibility of advertising to talk about effective, proven and often more affordable alternatives. Do not wait for the aggravation of problems, it is worth using an effective method that has proven itself centuries ago. Introduce into your routine a regular erotic massage to increase potency, and feel like a real hero in bed.
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Massage for two

Erotic massage – pleasure for two | Sex | He and she

Sometimes in family relationships there comes a period when everything goes smoothly, smoothly, quietly and calmly. On the one hand, this is good. Says that you have a complete understanding. And on the other hand, I want something bright and emotional, so that it hurts in my chest.

Erotic massage Kiev  is one of the best ways to prove your sincere, reverent feelings to your loved one. Plus, it will set you both in a romantic mood. Sensual, gentle touching will delight both of you. The massage is best done at home, in a quiet, calm environment. Dim bright lights. Arrange scented candles. Stock up on aromatic essential oils of musk, jasmine or vanilla. Play slow, soothing music.

The technique of erotic massage is calm, mainly such techniques as stroking, pressing, acupressure, light rubbing are used. As an experiment, you can try light nibbles, gentle kisses, tongue licking, or even a warm breath. But all erotic massage should not consist only of such techniques. This will no longer be a massage session, but a prelude to sexual intercourse. Although most often, erotic massage ends with this.

If you have long hair, you can start by running the tips of your hair down the neck and back of your chosen one. Try not to make sudden movements. Watch your partner’s reactions. If any movement makes him uncomfortable, do not continue to do it further. Erotic massage is most effective in especially sensitive areas. These areas are lips, earlobes, neck, wrists – light stroking in these places will bring great pleasure and pleasure to your beloved.
The lower back, chest, buttocks, inner thighs – also belong to the erogenous zones. Slow stroking with your fingertips or circular motions is good for relaxing and relieving tension. Run your fingertips along the inside of the elbow or the back of the kneecap. Surely, it will make your significant other smile.

If you whisper something tender or erotic in the ear of your soul mate, by all means, as if by chance, touch your ear with your lips. You can pick up some flattering phrase about his physical merits or recall some intimate moment of your life together.

Erotic massage can become a new hobby that perfectly adjusts to a sexual mood. As a rule, at the end of the session, both partners are at the peak of arousal, as a result of which there is a stormy, bright and unforgettable sex.

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage

A non-traditional relaxing erotic massage Kiev is a RELAXATION MASSAGE intended for women and men experiencing emotional stress, a feeling of constant physical and moral fatigue, physical discomfort, an anxious or depressed state. He helps those who experience dissatisfaction in intimate relationships, decreased sexual desire, and so on.

Relaxing massage is a complete relaxation of your body, relaxation of its muscles, nerves under the sensitive fingers of a massage therapist. Massage has an extremely beneficial effect on a person’s physical condition, has a kind of psychological and psychotherapeutic effect.

The healing and health-improving properties of the massage in the technique of its execution: superficial, light, caressing the fingers of the massage therapist, stimulates and curatively affects the vital points and zones of the human body. Pleasant relaxation during massage sessions has an unusually beneficial effect on a person’s mental state. At the same time, the individual characteristics of each client are taken into account.

Try a relaxing massage! It will help you to always be in great shape. As a result – your good mood and motivation to live!

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Erotic massage with a visit to the house

Erotic massage with a visit to the house

Erotic massage with a visit to the house of Kiev and you on your territory in the company of a beautiful masseuse.

Everyone has the appearance of the model and the workshops of technology in the arsenal. Body massage at home you will remember as the best rest in your life.

Erotic massage at the exit in Kiev can be ordered around the clock on any day. To your choice of the program of erotic massage for the most refined and whimsical preferences.

Intimate massage at home – the perfect finish of the working day or the super start of the weekend. The girl is exposed as you like: slowly to the music or immediately. She massages your body, not leaving one centimeter missing. The masseuse works not only with gentle handles … Find out all the details on the phone. Call around the clock and for free.

Intim massage

Professional intimate massage – a combination of enjoyable and useful

In our hard times, we often become nervous and irritable. Sometimes we can not cope with our own passivity. Home and work takes a lot of our strength and often we do not notice how quickly time passes and we do not have time to rest in full. When we are in a state of stress, we are apathetic to everything. How to overcome the nervous state and learn to live a quiet life? What are the most effective relaxation methods? One of them, of course, is the erotic massage Kiev. To date, there are many types of massage and all of them are different. Erotic massage is in great demand. You must have heard of him before.

The history of erotic massage

There was this massage technique about 2000 years ago in India. In ancient times, it was not available to everyone, but only to rich people. This is not just a medical procedure, but an entire Indian culture and philosophy. Erotic massage in Kiev has always been considered a useful procedure for body and soul. He was particularly in demand among Indian monks, kings and emperors. Interestingly, but this technique has not lost its relevance and today enjoys considerable popularity among men. Now body massage is considered an excellent method of treatment for various ailments. It helps to feel the most powerful energy surge. What is the secret of this amazing massage procedure?

Erotic massage in Kiev: advantages of the procedure

The influence of professional erotic massage is enormous. It calms, relaxes and heals the body as a whole.

So, among the main advantages of massage is to distinguish such:

Improves general tone;

Promotes the breakdown of fat and weight loss;

Normalizes the nervous system;

Stimulates blood circulation;

Strengthens the immune system;

Restores lost strength;

Mobilizes the forces of the body;

Struggles with insomnia;

· Awakens sexual desire.

Its main purpose is to relax the body and forget about psychological problems. It should be accompanied by pleasant light music and muted light to create a real romantic atmosphere.

Before signing up for an erotic massage, it is worth knowing about its varieties. It happens:

– Classical;

– Thai;

– female;

– urological.

Depending on the number of massage therapists, he is done for a double massage, a trio, and according to the number of clients – individual, as well as erotic massage for couples, for men, for women.

Beautiful, seductive, half-naked masseuses, in an atmosphere of warmth, coziness and comfort, will pay enough attention to your body and deliver an enchanting cascade of pleasures. They own the best techniques of intimate massage and apply them in perfection. They will do everything to distract you from the world “beyond” the limits of the erotic massage salon. A quality massage procedure instantly relieves any tension, fatigue and gives a good mood.

Remember that our body needs strength, and the soul is in rest, so erotic massage Kiev will become a competent solution for a full rest and, of course, will bring great benefit to your body.

Having visited once the salon of erotic massage in Kiev «Erotic House» you will forever remain our client.

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Program for girls

Program for girls

Our Salon offers you a special offer called “Individual Program for Girls”! Such a program will allow you to fully enjoy the sensuality of an erotic massage, as well as to experience all conceivable and even unpredictable nuances of pleasure. The time you spend in the stylish and cozy atmosphere of our Salon in combination with the skill of charming masseuses is sure to be remembered by you.
A modern erotic massage is available not only for the male audience, but also lovingly ladies. After all, an erotic massage for a girl is, first of all, the knowledge of the sensitivity of her body, the discovery of a new unknown sexual energy. It is necessary to take care that there are candles in the room, different aromatic oils, to pick up relaxing instrumental music. It should also be provided, if girls are allergic to aromatic essential oils, then they can be replaced with hypoallergenic cream or special massage oil. Under the chest should be padded with a roller to conveniently massage the girl’s back. Make sure that there are no drafts, and in the room, keep the room temperature and fresh air.

It is important to note with what parts of the body you should begin to do massage for the girl

First of all, you might think how to turn a usual stripping into an erotic spectacle or a fun, exciting love game. Erotic massage for girls is desirable to start with the hands and feet. First calmly and gently stroke, then move on to more intense movements. The main condition – do not rush, not to bring the girl prematurely to orgasm. Let her relax and enjoy those new feelings for herself.
Step by step massage movements go to the back of the girl. In every woman, the erogenous zones are located in different parts of the body. Your task is to find them more. Continually during the session, watch the reaction of his girl. With her sounds and groans she will let you know how pleasant she is, and what caresses bring a truly delightful pleasure.

How to cause a real storm of passion and get a funky experience?

The female breast with the gentle touch of the male palm, the most strongly reacts to affection. Try to stroke sensually and you can even kiss the girl’s breast lightly. Slowly sink lower and lower. Turn the erotic massage for the girl into a real fairy tale of strong and unearthly desire.
Caress each other, love, deliver a dizzying pleasure and sex will be an unforgettable extravaganza for both of you. You can decorate the gray and everyday relationships with bright and sexy colors of positive, joy and happiness! Do not be afraid to be sexy and sexy. The main thing is to tell each other what you want in sex, talk about your fantasies and desires. If you have understanding and mutual sexual attraction, then you can be happy. Do an erotic massage more often to each other, because it’s never too late to study your body. Or come to the salon and order an erotic massage from our masseuses!

The cost of the massage “Program for girls” lasting 60 min .:
from 11.00 to 22.00 – 600 UAH.

Duration 90 min .:
from 11.00 to 22.00 – 800 UAH.

Duration 120 min .:
from 11.00 to 22.00 – 1100 UAH.

P.S. Completion of the massage at 23.00 involves paying the girl-masseur 100 UAH.!

Erotic session

Erotic Session

“Erotik-Session” will appreciate the Men, who are important not only tactile, but also visual sensations. Attractive erotic dance of the charming masteress is smoothly transformed into Body massage. The masseuse performs such a kind of massage in the nude and leads to relaxation with the help of hand and body technique.
As you might guess, to achieve their special goals, this method involves the use of elements of eroticism, so all procedures are performed only by girls. Moreover, to make erotic massage for men seem to them as comfortable as possible – all masseuses are selected according to extremely strict criteria, therefore they necessarily have an attractive appearance and a set of all necessary personal qualities. Well and one more important difference of a technique is absolute nudity of the expert which uses during procedure not only the hands, but also all body (especially a breast, transferring, thus, real sensation of affinity and professional massage).

What is unique is an erotic massage for men and everything about what it is.

How is this technique implemented? – 10 rules of erotic massage for men.
In order for an erotic massage for men to have maximum comfort and effectiveness, it implies a whole list of rules. All of them make the sensations of the method really unique, so these advantages are the main argument in the direction of its popularity:
1. Mandatory atmosphere of semi-darkness is the main attribute of the erotic massage, which gives complete solitude with the masseuse and the appropriate pleasure;
2. An aphrodisiac and flavored candles are provided, which adjust the emotions to the correct wave and amplify them many times;
3. For more gentle sensations, a special relaxing oil is used;
Execution of erotic massage for men.
4.And thus, erotic massage for men – not only gentle stroking. This type of rest has a full-fledged program of actions, from kneading to other techniques of a particular masseuse;
5. But for more acute sensations, it always begins with the front side (face to face of the client);
6. The masseuse is perfectly familiar with all the erogenous zones of men, so they are surely used;
7. No matter how surprising, special attention is given to the footsteps, since there are many sensitive endings;
8. Massage is performed by the whole body (not only by hands or by the breast). As a rule, at some point the masseuse can use any close touches, so that the element of eroticism is played extremely hard;
9. The masseuse may also not limit herself in “permissive” zones, massaging the whole body of the client in complete solitude;
10. This technique does not provide for the possibility of breaks, so you will have to experience the full course of the methodology entirely and immediately.

Benefit from erotic massage and price

As already mentioned, this massage technique allows you to relax not just your body, but also emotions, because they are the main focus. In a specially allocated room there is only a client and his masseuse, so solitude, closeness and erotica helps bring in your inner balance the complete harmony. The cost of erotic massage is also quite affordable, since the service is quite relevant and popular. But for fans to experience different variations of its performance, additional services are always provided, which allows you to enjoy the skill of an attractive specialist with unforgettable emotions.

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Double relax

Double Relax

A variety of erotic massage called “Double Relax” will help you feel the charm of a fairy tale. You can relax in full measure, resting and soul and body. This unique “Double Relax” will give you an amazing sensual experience. Brightness of paints experiences will add a gentle smell of oriental incense and pleasant melodic music.

The “Double Relax” massage includes two erotic parts and one part of a classical massage that lasts one hour. This massage is performed by a girl.

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